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eRISA Update

eRISA Update is our quarterly newsletter service. In each issue, we summarize each current development, providing analysis and, where appropriate, illustrative examples. For a list of the current developments summarized in the most recent edition of eRISA Update click here. Each current developments entry is identified by a paragraph number which will help the subscriber research the current developments by topic.

eRISA Update is available only in electronic format (PDF). By providing a separate, electronic, current developments service, we are able to ensure the information is the latest available at the time of publication.

Subscribers to eRISA Update also receive special bulletins when major new developments are released so that they will not have to wait until the next quarterly issue to receive information on such new developments.

Index for eRISA Update

Each issue contains Summaries of Current Developments, providing in-depth analysis of significant ERISA developments. The Summaries of Current Developments are organized into 12 categories, indicating the type of authority/guidance being summarized:

  • Legislation (¶1)
  • Treasury Regulations (¶2)
  • DOL Regulations (¶3)
  • PBGC Regulations (¶4)
  • Court Cases (¶5)
  • IRS Formal Guidance (e.g., Revenue Rulings, Revenue Procedures, Notices) (¶6)
  • DOL or PBGC Formal Guidance (other than regulations) (¶7)
  • Prohibited Transaction Exemptions (PTEs) (¶8)
  • IRS Internal Communications (¶9)
  • IRS Informal Rulings or Letters (¶10)
  • DOL Opinion Letters, Field Assistance Bulletins and Private Rulings or Letters from the DOL or PBGC (¶11)
  • Miscellaneous Guidance (¶12)

Each Current Developments Summary is reported under one of these paragraph headings, along with a 3-digit topic heading. Some topic headings encompass broad enough topics that there is an additional digit, in parentheses, for subtopics. We have prepared a document (PDF) containing the current list of topics that are used to report the Current Developments Summaries. To obtain that file, click here.

Cumulative Table of Comments

A Cumulative Table of Contents for the Current Developments Summaries is available. To obtain that file, click here.

Past Issues of eRISA Update

Since the current developments summaries are organized in a cumulative format, subscribers to eRISA Update have an opportunity on the order form to order the past 4 issues of this service. If you are interested in earlier issues, please contact us.


ERISA Views was a quarterly newsletter formerly published by TRI Pension Services. The first issue was published in March of 1996 (Spring 1996 – Issue #1) and the last issue was published in October 2013 (Fall 2013 Issue -Issue #71). ERISA Views provided a forum for discussing a particular issue in more depth, but presented in an easy-to-understand format with illustrative examples. Issues #1 through #71 can be ordered individually here.

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