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Sal Tripodi is available for technical assistance by e-mail. A $100 setup fee is required to establish a technical assistance account, and an annual maintenance fee of $50 is applied as of each anniversary of the establishment of your account. The setup and maintenance fees are not applied toward technical assistance charges.

A credit card authorization is required to establish and maintain your account. E-mail responses are billed at a minimum fee of $125, with an additional charge billed at $500 per hour for time after the first five minutes to prepare the response.

Technical assistance fees are charged at the end of each month against the credit card on file. A paid invoice is issued each month, by e-mail, detailing the charges for that month and the amount charged against the credit card on file.

Where appropriate, responses to e-mail inquiries will be answered by telephone. The $125 minimum fee applies to telephone conferences, although calls may be billed as low as $75,if warranted by the subject matter and/or the length of the call, .For additional charges, telephone conferences are charged at $400 per hour rather than $500 per hour.

Subject to availability, we can respond formally in writing to technical issues or provide technical review on projects, but only if an account has been established and is currently in effect. An hourly rate of $700 per hour is charged for such services.

To establish a technical assistance account, please download and complete this form.

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